World’s Only In-House Tech Legal Recruitment Agency

Found Legal connect GCs & Legal Directors of Technology Companies With The Top 15% of Tech Sector Legal Talent across EMEAR, US and APAC

Who We Are

We are experts in identifying and recruiting only World Class legal talent in Tech at every level throughout the EMEAR, US and APAC.

What We Do

We help lawyers land their next great career opportunity in tech and we help top-tier in-house tech legal teams attract and hire exceptional team members.

Why Choose Us

We solve EMEAR, US and APAC tech sector in-house legal recruiting problems by identifying and attracting the top 15% of the talent in the market.

Typical Candidate Challenges

Recruiters who don’t understand what you do

Frustration with the apply online “black hole” process

Getting your resume in front of the right person

Typical Hiring Challenges

  • Managing a high volume/low quality candidate pool
  • Inexperience and inability to quickly identify & screen
  • Frustrating process that takes too long to complete

How we help Tech Sector GCs and Legal Directors succeed

We created the In-House Tech Legal Talent System, combining modern and innovative recruitment and data gathering techniques along with our industry specific knowledge & experience to map out 93% of the Legal talent within the entire Technology sector and the corresponding Top 15% performers.